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Projects from 2020

Teach Youth The Truth

On the side of Metro Lighting

Features the likenesses of seven educators/social activists including Yuri Kochiyaman, Dennis Banks, Howard Zinn,

Beatriz Levya-Cutler, Juana Alicia, KRS-1, and Sylvia Mendez.

Designed and painted by Pancho Pescador, Deredwrk, Irine Shiori, and KiliMunoz.

Welcome to West Berkeley 

On the side of SHOH Gallery facing the railroad tracks along Gilman Street

Features West Berkeley Iconography.

Designed and painted by Nigel Sussman.

Songs While You Wait 

Pop-up performances by young artists, singing to pandemic lines outside West Berkeley establishments Mi Tierra,

BPG Dispensary, Tokyo Fish Market, and Acme Bread Co. 

Produced by Anaiz Azul. Performers: Yaadi Erica, Mazin Jamal, Tafia Nia, Yiann.

2021 Projects


Community Garden

Planters for West Berkeley Horizon Transitional Village on Grayson, with Rebuilding Together East Bay North. 

Six freestanding 4ft x 8ft Community Garden planters were built for residents to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers.


Bancroft Community Garden

Irrigation system materials, materials for the vegetable garden drip irrigation system.

2022 Projects

Styling The Future

BHS Student-Run Sustainable Fashion Show 

Student designers assembled and fabricated outfits for their models from used and thrifted materials.

A show was held at Ciel Creative Space in West Berkeley, along with live music and other arts.


Jeronimus Alley Mural and community guidelines 

Berkeley Path Wanderers Association and Youth Spirit Artworks teamed up with Commotion to create a mural in Jeronimus Alley, first

surveying adjacent residents to determine community preferences for this and future mural content: local plants, animals, and history.

This mural includes images of Ohlone people, along with a coyote, quail, great egret, hummingbird, crow, blue jay, and deer.

2023 Projects


Berkeley High School Fashion Show 2023

Held on Thursday April 27th, also supported by the Berkeley High School Development Group.

This second annual event had even greater participation than last year with more designers and over 300 attendees. Student designers created outfits for their model/s from upcycled clothes, thrifted items, and new materials. Alongside the show, student artists of various mediums shared and sold their work. This showcase brought the BHS artistic community together outside the classroom and raised funds for Remake, which helps fight for fair pay and climate justice within the fashion industry.

Making Lemonade: Women’s Shelter Yard Improvements

This project will beautify the shared backyard space of a transitional housing site for unhoused women and children. Up to five mothers plus their children receive shelter for six months to two years while searching for jobs and longer-term housing. The improvements will create a comfortable and attractive community area with live/play spaces, privacy screening and raised vegetable planters, surrounded by seven colorful mural cut-outs along the perimeter walls. The panels were designed by artist Magdalena Metrycka in association with


Berkeley Chess School Festival 

Later this summer, we'll celebrate the opening of the school's newly renovated facility on San Pablo Avenue at Carleton. This free event will offer food, outdoor play, chess-themed art activities, chess puzzles, demonstrations, and games for the community.

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