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Example Grant Application

Project Title:
Organization, if applicable:
Contact name:
Please answer each question below. (Maximum 100 words per question)
1. Description: Please describe your project, including where it will be installed or take place, partner entities, permissions needed or secured.
2. Goal(s): What are you trying to achieve with your project?
3. Community Impact: How does your project benefit the community and meet the goals of CommotionWB, specifically bringing people together and building pride-of-place in West Berkeley?
4. Equity: How does your project promote equity, support underrepresented populations, and/or counter negative biases?
5. Project Team: Who will be working on this project? Names of key people, and number of additional volunteers if applicable.
6. Budget: Provide total and breakdown in broad categories. Maximum grant is $3000, but we might fund multiple smaller projects.
7. Funding: Do you need additional funding beyond this grant? If so, what funding have you secured to date? What other funding resources have you identified to help bring your project to fruition? Do you need other resources to ensure that your project is achievable?
8. Timeline: Provide start, milestone and completion dates.
9. Additional assets: Attach supporting documents: plans, photos, images, videos, websites, and any other social media references.
10. Project Promotion: What is the current size of your network or following? How will you promote your project within your networks? 

11. Commotion Promotion: We want to let the public know about the wonderful projects we are funding, and to attract more funders and future applicants. How will you promote and acknowledge Commotion West Berkeley in your outreach? How will you promote and acknowledge Commotion West Berkeley long-term?
12. Success: How will the success of the project be measured?
13. Follow-up: Every project has a lifespan. Describe the lifespan of yours including future benefits and responsibilities. What tasks will be needed for completion and closure? For example, will there be ongoing maintenance? Will there be clean-up and/or storage? Will data be collected and a report published? What are the tasks for your project and who will be responsible for them?

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