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CommotionWB exists to foster community engagement projects in West Berkeley. 

In these challenging times we offer a small positive opportunity.  

- We are seeking projects that bring people together to build pride-of-place and a better world. 

- They might be fun, artful, and quirky, (pop-up events, etc.) or serious, political, and urgent (BLM, Support Turkey & Syria or Ukraine, etc.)

- We envision community gardens, murals, public art, and pop-up events to be among the types of projects we will fund.

- Our maximum grant is $3000, but we sometimes fund multiple smaller projects. The proposed grant amount can be the total project budget, or you can leverage this money to raise funds separately.

- Projects must be able to be completed within 3-6 months of the grant award.


- Projects will receive funding as determined by popular vote of the Commotion West Berkeley donors. 

- Funding will be made or not made at the sole discretion of this group. 

- Multiple projects might be funded, or the funds might be rolled over for future projects. 

- Funding arrangements will depend upon the structure of the project. 

- As a stipulation of reward, funding recipients will be required to certify that the funds will be expended as indicated in the proposal, provide receipts for expenditures, and will submit a project summary with photos and other relevant documentation of the project results. 

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