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A project of arts organization Embrio LLC

In association with Berkeley-Built and the West Berkeley Design Loop

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We are pleased to announce the winners of the Winter 2022 Commotion West Berkeley grant process. 

Styling the Future

A student-led sustainable fashion show

Helena Udall and her crew will bring the red carpet to West Berkeley in May. 

Jeronimus Alley Art Project

The Berkeley Path Wanderers Association (BPWA) in partnership with Youth Spirit Artworks (YSA) will gather community input to produce a master plan for Jeronimus Alley, along with three connected murals by YSA artists in late summer / early fall of this year.


Do you want cool things to happen in the neighborhood? Commotion West Berkeley crowd-funds exciting projects like murals, community gardens, parklets, public art, pop-up events, etc. 

Pay into the fund (in monthly installments) and you’ll be invited to the private events where we'll decide which projects get funded.

Or propose a project and perhaps we'll help you bring it to fruition. 

Sound like fun? It won’t happen unless you step up. 

Together we can be a force for community engagement.

Tax exempt status is available on request.

Email for detais.

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We are a group of enthusiasts for our community.

We want to see things happen and we are willing to pay it forward to get things started. We support projects that foster community, pride of place, buzz, excitement, fun, quirkiness, and design. We’d like to see more of that in our neighborhood.


Lawrence Grown, Metro Lighting

Christa Rybczynski, Metro Lighting

Julie McCray, SHOH Gallery

Jill McCoy, Visual Jill

Joe Cordes, AutoMate Scientific

Noll & Tam Architects

Scott McGlashan, McGlashan Architecture

Emily Morgan, Ashby Lumber

Todd Jersey Architecture

Anni Tilt, Arkin Tilt Architects

Laura Leaverton, Berkeley arts enthusiast

Other contributors include: Jim Guthrie: Hub+Weber Architects, Sean Kenmore: Affinity Capital Advisors,

Reyna Bernstein, Diana Jensen, Rebecca Herman, and Felipe Fernandez.



Building community, one project at a time.





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CommotionWB exists to foster community engagement projects in West Berkeley. 

In these challenging times we offer a small positive opportunity.  

- We are seeking projects that bring people together (safely) to build pride-of-place and a better world. 

- They might be fun, artful, and quirky, (pop-up events, etc.) or serious, political, and urgent (BLM, Stop AAPI Hate, etc.)

- We envision community gardens, murals, public art, and pop-up events to be among the types of projects we will fund.

- Our total grant funding each cycle is $3000. We will either fund a single larger project or multiple smaller ones. The proposed grant amount can be the total project budget, or you can leverage this money to raise funds separately.

- Projects must be able to be completed within 3 months of the grant award.

- Projects will receive funding as determined by popular vote of the Commotion West Berkeley donors. 

- Funding will be made or not made at the sole discretion of this group. 

- Multiple projects might be funded, or the funds might be rolled over for future projects. 

- Funding arrangements will depend upon the structure of the project. 

- As a stipulation of reward, funding recipients will be required to certify that the funds will be expended as indicated in the proposal, provide receipts for expenditures, and will submit a project summary with photo documentation of the project results. 



Example Grant Application

RFP Winter 2021

Email to

Applications are due by 5pm on January 14, 2022.

Winner/s will be announced by January 31st.

Project Title:

Organization, if applicable:

Contact name:



Please answer each question below. (Maximum 100 words per question)

1. Description: Please describe your project, including where it will be installed or take place, partner entities, permissions needed or secured.

2. Goal(s): What are you trying to achieve with your project?

3. Community Impact: How does your project benefit the community and meet the goals of CommotionWB, specifically bringing people together and building pride-of-place in West Berkeley?

4. Equity: How does your project promote equity, support underrepresented populations, and/or counter negative biases?

5. Project Team: Who will be working on this project? Names of key people, and number of additional volunteers if applicable.

6. Budget: Provide total and breakdown in broad categories. Maximum grant is $3000, but we might fund multiple smaller grants.

7. Funding: Do you need additional funding beyond this grant? If so, what funding have you secured to date? What other funding resources have you identified to help bring your project to fruition? Do you need other resources to ensure that your project is achievable?

8. Timeline: Provide start, milestone and completion dates.

9. Additional assets: Attach supporting documents: plans, photos, images, video Websites, and any other social media references.

10. Promotion: What is the scale of your network, and how will you promote this project to that group and beyond? 

11. Success: How will the success of the project be measured?

12. Follow-up: Every project has a lifespan. Describe the lifespan of yours including future benefits and responsibilities. What tasks will be needed for completion and closure? For example, will there be ongoing maintenance? Will there be clean-up and/or storage? Will data be collected and a report published? What are the tasks for your project and who will be responsible for them?



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